1st step: Thumbnail dimensions
Please choose the dimensions of the image thumbnails you want to see in your ads (right cursor).
2nd step: Choose Images
Choose images to be associated to each of your ads from your computer (max 20 images per upload) by clicking the ‘+’ button.
If you want to put more than 20 images per ad, please do multiple uploads.
Technical Note:
To fully take advantage of our services, use images with a resolution between 2 MegaPixels and 15 MegaPixels (please refer to your digital photo camera settings).
3rd step: Click on the “Start upload” Button
Thank you for waiting during upload time (this may take a few minutes).
Upload is completed when a green check mark appears to all images right.
4th step: Click on the “Validate upload” button
A new page appears with a video explaining how to display images in your ads.
Thank you for installing Flash plugin
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Thumbnails dimension
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