Is images enlargement possible and fast?
Technically, we stock images up to 2 MegaPixels, which gives really good enlargements!
You can test the display speed for your self by looking at this ad example
Does images uploading take a long time?
If your images have a resolution smaller than 2 MegaPixels, upload time is very short.
If your images have a resolution of 2 MegaPixels or higher, they are automatically resized to speed up upload time.
What would be the displayed dimensions of my images?
To have a maximum of visibility (large screen format), it is mandatory to take your pictures by setting your photo camera to a minimal resolution of 2 MegaPixels.
You can, of course, always choose to share your images at a lower resolution.
Is your site in France or elsewhere?
Our images server is based in France. The service provider is OVH from Roubaix near Lille.
Is it simple to use your service?
Yes, that is our priority: give a simple images sharing tool to our customers.
We invite you to test the images upload form.
Will it cause me any troubles to use your system instead of Ebay’s one?
No, you will not have any problem since we are strictly following Ebay regulations for that matter.
I received the HTML code to display my images: How do I used it in my Ebay ad?
You simply need to copy and paste this HTML code in your Ebay ad in “HTML mode” (available to the right of the “standard mode”)
How many images can I use per ad?
You can put as many images as you desired.
Is any browser better than another for using your services?
Yes, we recommend Chrome (faster treatment of the images before upload) and Firefox.
Internet Explorer and Safari are also compatible but they may be slower.